Green Tea Taster Gift Box

Green Tea Taster Gift Box

We've made a Taster Gift Box dedicated to a selection of our Green Teas! With so many to choose from its hard to know where to start. Our taster gift box allows you to try a wide range our of green teas, treat yourself and get to know your favourites. Starting price at £16.99


Includes: 1x Silicone Leaf Strainer, 1x 20g Japanese Cherry, 1x 20g Jasmine Green Tea, 1x 20g Sencha Green Tea, 1x 20g Tropical Sencha, 1x 20g Silver Sands Exotic Sencha, 1x 20g Seaweed Wakame.


  • Storage

    Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

  • Allergen Information

    Packed on premises that handles nuts, seeds, cereals, soya & products containing gluten. 

  • Ingredients

    20g Japanese Cherry - Green Tea (China), 2.4% Flavouring, Rose Petals

    20g Jasmine Green Tea - 100% OHTC Jasmine Green Tea

    20g Sencha Green Tea - 100% Green Tea - Sencha

    20g Tropical Sencha - 95% Sencha Green Tea, pineapple chunks, natural flavour, safflower, cornflower

    20g Silver Sands Exotic Sencha - 91% Green sencha tea, Sri Lankan coconut, Natural flavour type coconut

    20g Seaweed Wakame - Green tea (78 %),Brazilian Mate, seaweed pieces (6%), lemongrass (6%), natural lemon flavouring with other natural flavours

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What Our Customers Say

I love these teas so much! The blends are delicious (especially highland fling) and the chamomile is fantastic too. Super quick delivery, with a smile. Thank you!

Lisa, Scotland



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