Flavoured Fruit Tea Blend - Peach Melba

Flavoured Fruit Tea Blend - Peach Melba

This tea is like a dessert in itself. Intense and addictive, this peach tea is sweet & fruity with hints of creamy goodness.

  • Ingredients

    apple cubes, carrot flakes, pineapple cubes (pineapple, sugar), freeze-dried peach pieces, flavouring, rose petals, safflower

  • Storage

    Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

  • Suggested Preparation

    1 teaspoon for a cup or 1 tablespoon for a teapot containting 650ml of boiling water. Brew for 3 minutes.

  • Allergen Information

    Packed on premises that handles nuts, seeds, cereals, sulfured fruits, milk, soya & products containing gluten. 

  • Naturally Caffeine Free

  • Flavoured Fruit Tea Blend

  • Average nutritional values per 100 ml

    Energy in kj                    |   33   | kj

    Energy in kcal                |    7    | kcal

    Total fat                            | <0,1 | gram

    Saturated fat                 | <0,1 | gram

    Total carbohydrates   |   1,5  | gram

    Sugars.                             |   1,4  | gram

    Protein                              | 0,1 | gram

    Salt                                     | 0,01 | gram

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What Our Customers Say

I love these teas so much! The blends are delicious (especially highland fling) and the chamomile is fantastic too. Super quick delivery, with a smile. Thank you!

Lisa, Scotland



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