Rose Bud Sunset Mix

This enchanting mix of Rose buds is divine. Deliciously gentle Rose. The buds release an exquisite flavour we can't get enough of.



    What Our Customers Say

    I am absolutely in love with your chamomile Tea, going from tea bags to fresh Chamomile flower tea is like night and day. 100% recommend this product to any one who has anxiety of troubles sleeping. Always helps me get a great night sleep after a stressful day.

    Paul, Scotland

    Well here is afternoon tea in the garden and I have to report your tea was excellent. Three small spoonfuls (see photo for spoon) brewed for three minutes, perfect. To get the best of good tea, the cup makes a big difference, bone China is the best as it’s so fine I got this cup in Fort William, and the tea spoon I bought in New England USA, in a fantastic tea shop, it is supposed to deliver the perfect amount for the size of tea in the photo and it did, perfect.
    So I would certainly recommend your tea to anybody and will be getting more, a lovely good tea.

    David, Scotland



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